Friday, 6 August 2010

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Updated food and hammers.

Right Ive nearly finished a 3 part epic throwaway and fun days montage, so before that graces my blog I thought I'd make a short post with some pics from my phone. I have many more which will be later posts but can't be arsed to post them all now so enjoy these little gems!

First off we have Justin Eldridge performing a textboook bs Noseblunt on the hubba at 5 Bridges. Alot of the Es team were passing through and many hammers were put down, Not only was this bolts but he went on to do a perfect sw fs Bluntslide. The man was a beast and also quite friendly

And secondly we have a truly epic burger from the American diner. I double cheeseburger with bacon (I think?) and a mega onion ring! Add on top of this chips, salad (Ha) and coleslaw and you quite the meal! I thought it needed a bit of something extra so added loads maple syrup and some mayonnaise; this added the needed moisture for such a meaty dish. I won't lie the burgers weren't off the best quality but for the price and quantity you can't complain!

Keep your eyes pealed for the mega montage coming very soon!

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Early birthday meal.

Right my birthday is next week; the 7th so feel free to shower me in gifts. This post is all about food with no skating so beware!
My brother has been up for a bit for my dad's belated birthday meal so my mum thought we might aswell go for a meal while he was around as it was my birthday soon. I'm not complaining loads of lush meals in a short space of time is good for this asian.
So my rents, brother, Nicola and myself proceeded to hit up a meal. The venue of choice was 'Jesmond Dene house', Jackie keeps raving about this place so it was time to see what all the fuss was about.

For my starter I went for the foie gras terrine. Foie gras is the liver of a duck/goose which has been fattened through force feeding. Apparently outside France it is occasionally done through natural feeding. This was extremely tasty so I hope this duck was force fed, I swear the tears of the duck made this taste better.

For the main I again opted for a cruel but tasty meal, this time in was veal (Baby cows) with sun dried tomato's and I think a potato rosti. This was lovely, the meat was so soft it practically melted in your mouth.

For desert I went for a chocolate sphere, which was a chocolate sphere which contained a shortbread style biscuit, almond icecream and caramel sauce, What was quite cool was that they poured hot chocolate sauce over it which melted the top of the chocolate sphere which revealed the tasty insides. Verdict death by chocolate.

My mum took a cheeky picture of my brothers desert as she thought it deserved a photo, that said it did look very nice. not 100 per cent sure what it was, though it had a mini chocolate fondent cake, what looks like chocolate icecream and other tasty things on. My bro was pretty stoked afterwards so it must have been nice!

So there you go, much fun was had and much food was eaten. Now remember the 7th of July as its the day you all buy me loads of food/presents, goodbye and goodnight!

Friday, 25 June 2010

London trip.

Right this is going to be a long one so get comfy.

Its coming to the last few months of filming for my new vid 'Pigs in Wigs', therefore we decided to hit up London for whistle stop filming trip.

The crew down was Matty


Jake and myself.

We were hooking up Mellon, Adairsy and James Rooney once we hit London aswell as hopefully Stu Fone and Dirty Dave Vise.

It was a fairly chilled drive down and once Johnny and Jack had got the tube to Mellon and James me and matty went to my bro's and got some cheeky takeaway.

After some sleep we all meet up at Mellon's local spot at Elephant and Castle.
Jamie got his Nose manny on.

We also hooked up with Jack and James who was sporting his new heroin 'chic' look, he's so hot right now.

We skated much of the day with Mellon's mate Nick, he's a good bloke but for some reason I didn't get a photo of him, anyway here's a pic of me getting ready to film him doing a 'mad stunt'

After filming a few lines we decided to hit up one of Mellon's favorite spots which is Kennington Bowls. It seems like some strange 70's throwback spot, but it was nice for a chill session and also to meet up with big Stu fone!

After this we took a stroll to possibly one the hardest hips to skate Ive ever been to. Not much went down bar a few games of skate and some sunbathing.

Next spot was somewhere Stu had spied from the bus, it sounded good so we decided to have a gander. It was a metal up ledge which was a lot harder to skate than it looked.
Jamie was over the spot so he got his hydration on.

MVP of the tour Johnny couldn't stop ripping and got more stuff filmed.

Next spot was London Bridge as it was just round the corner. This hands down has to be one of the dirtiest skate parks ever, if the black plague was to ever raise its disease ridden head again am pretty sure it would start here. Anyway lots of stuff got filmed, but here's a pic of Mellon doing a footplant dog piss methinks, one way or another I should have probably taken the photo from the side to give it full justice. But they don't call me slack for nothing.

So last spot of the day was Mudchute skate park, its super mellow and chilled perfect way to end the session. We also got to have a cheeky little skate with Dave and Jack some of London Tom's mates.

Dave specifically wanted a picture wearing one of London Tom's hats.

After a long day's skate we all did different thing s for dinner. Mellon and Johnny went back to his for pizza, Jack went to James, Stu went home, Dave and Jack went to skate Mile end for a bit while myself, Jamie and Matty went to meet my bro and mate Adam for some food at Gourmet Burger Kitchen, BOOYA!

We meet my bro and Adam at Canary Wharf after I did a cheeky trick for Matty's montage on a ledge under the DLR station.

So onto the important part of the day, the food, as readers of my blog know I like my food and after only having a wagon wheel all day I was famished. I decided to go for my usual of a 'Kiwi' burger without beetroot. This entailed, a burger, egg, cheese, tomato, lettuce, pineapple, mayo and tomato relish. This was then finished off with chips and garlic dip, a diet coke and then a massive chocolate milkshake. I nearly gave my food a round of applause it was that good. I didn't because I think people may have thought I was slightly strange.

After that Jamie went back to Mellon's while me and Matty skated at East India so Adam could take some photo's.
The next we again met up at Elephant and Castle to skate the monument Chewy Cannon does his ender on in the new Blueprint video. Unfortunately some drunk tramps were having a 'Urban' garden party and seemed quite merry so we didn't want to intrude.
On the way to tube we spotted this bank which Mellon wanted to drop in on, he was over it as it was the first spot of the day but Adair craving the footy stood up and quelled the beast.

We opted for the bus instead of the Tube.

And then decided on hitting up Shoreditch ledges, its a spot in the middle of a park with one marble ledge and one rough ledge with angle iron on one side. Think theledges were put there to skate, its been in loads of vids. It was very hot but luckily there was an ice cream van which Mellon got involved with.

Jamie decided to step up and film a line for the vid, having already half snapped his deck at the first spot of the trip he proceeded to nearly fully snap it filming the line. He powered through even though one of the trick involved being over both snaps! Bonus points for commitment!

After this we meet up with Jack and James (Then later Dave and his crew) at Mile End. This park is really good but can sometimes be too smooth, as Geoff would say 'No time for slipping'.

Tricks were filmed but the highlight of the session has to be the random dog wandering round the park. we thought it belonged to some Eastern European guys who came to the park to exchange in the most unsubtle drug deal ever. But once they had got their weed and left the dog stayed. At first it was mellow but it went on to regurgitate on the floor and kept chasing people who were skating trying to bite their decks. Someone finally got it out of the park and closed the gate, then somehow Jamie managed to let it back in!

After this we decided to hit the final two spots of the day, East India ledges and an up edge near by. Jamie went to Mellon's to get his stuff while we all skated (Bar Dave's crew). East India is right next to my bro's so is pretty handy.

Didn't get too long before security gave us the boot, but it was ok as we just went and skated the up ledge. Matty was trying this front nose 360 out which he didn't manage to land but again Johnny managed to get some stuff filmed.

Before we left to meet Jamie and depart there was just time for Jack to find this diary on the side of the motorway from 2006, apparently Denise is a cunt.

And so our London trip was over and we made our trip home replacing Jack with Adair as Jack decided to stay in London with James for longer. All was left was a trip home and Jamie spitting out his water in hysterics remembering Adam Thirtle shouting 'American Diner' while passing one in the car on a recent trip to redcar.

Should hopefully have edited the London montage (With some added skating from the Toon) by early next week. Will post it on here as soon as it's done, goodbye and goodnight!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Throwaways and Fun Days.

Throwaway monatge with some added fun sessions, enjoy.
Massive file might be easier to right click and save as.


Thursday, 13 May 2010

Short Documentary.

Here's a short Documentary I directed on '5 bridges' Gateshead.
I don't have a Pro account hence why its uploaded on Adam's account (Cheers!).
Its not perfect but this was my first attempt at a documentary.

Director: Krishna Muthurangu
Producer: Lee Mckeith
Editors: Krishna Muthurangu and Ibrahim Dalkilic
Crew: Krishna Muthurangu, Ibrahim Dalkilic, Lee Mckeith, Hardian Trisaputra, Sajid Ayaz Malik

Routes. from Adam Perfect on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Easter Montage 2.

Throwaway footage from over Easter. Follow the link as Blogger won't let me make it into a hyperlink.